7 Do's & Don'ts of Job Hunting when you Already have a Job

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7 Do's & Don'ts of Job Hunting when you Already have a Job

 24th Sep 2015


One of the biggest challenges a jobseeker can face is trying to find a job when they already have one. It’s a time consuming process so usually gets confined to evenings and weekends which isn’t always going to be when we’re at our most focussed.

GeneralAdHowever it’s important to be subtle about your job search. Whilst every employer knows employees come and go, respect them enough not to broadcast the fact that you want to move on. Plus the last thing you want to do is jeopardise the job you have.

Engaging us will eliminate the worst of the headaches as you'll have our specialist consultants working hard to find your ideal role. However, here’s our dos and don’ts of job hunting when you already have a job:

  1. DO update your LinkedIn profile

IntLinkBKeeping your LinkedIn profile up to date is a good habit to get into. Regardless of your motives, keeping your connections abreast of your achievements and evolving skill set makes good business sense be it as a supplier, client or potential employee.

However, if you’re worried about someone within your company seeing your updates you can change your settings so they aren’t broadcasted to your network. This means only those who deliberately visit your profile will see the latest changes. It will accelerate the process when recruiters contact you as your information will be up-to-date.

  1. DON’T make your job search public knowledge

noun 23798 ZipLoose lips sink ships. Or in this case, careers. Keeping a job search to yourself is hard, especially if you've been in your current role for a while. It may mean keeping a fairly big life change from people you consider friends.

However all it takes is for one person pass comment at the wrong moment or to the wrong person and the news will spread very quickly.


  1. DO arrange interviews during non-work hours

InterviewBoardIn an ideal situation this can mean arranging interview times before or after work. A great many employers will understand if you explain to them your current situation doesn't allow for interviews during the day without booking time off. Failing that it may mean you need a few days notice to book the day, or flexitime if it's available to you, as leave. 

Our role as recruiters is to advocate on your behalf so providing you give us your availability and current work situation we can do the rest in finding an interview time that causes the minimum disruption to your or your current employer.

Arranging interviews outside of work hours can also side step any suspicion caused by you turning up to work suited and booted. A good tip is to bring a change of clothes to change into, especially if your current employers operates a casual dress code.

  1. DO make use of job boards

noun 129738 BUpdating your details on job boards will allow recruiters like Electus to see that you’re looking and we can get in touch to help you find the perfect opportunity. That’s what we’re here for, after all. It’s a low impact, efficient way of searching for a job as your details are updated once and then we go to work on your behalf.

However, be aware that updating your profile may mean your current company’s HR department see it which could compromise your stealth search.

  1. DON’T mention your job search on social media

noun 176455 ccBThis may seem obvious but you’d be surprised. We’ve seen social media profiles full of angry, bitter comments going into specific details about the company's dealings and apparent failings.

Don’t do it. Ever. You will become an employment pariah. Recruiters, be they agencies like us or internal, use social media to get the measure of a potential employee. It’s an insight into cultural fit amongst other things. Aside from it being staggeringly unprofessional, no employer wants to hire someone so openly negative and critical of their employer because if you'll do it once you'll do it again. Furthermore your current employer could see it and then you really would have something to complain about.

  1. DO give your notice in writing

noun 174967 ccBOnce you have been placed in a new role you are required to submit your notice in writing. Make sure you’re aware of your notice period as stated in your contract. If you need a shortened notice period make you state that clearly in the letter.

Remember that any changes to your notice period have to be agreed by your current employer so be professional and courteous in your letter to get a positive outcome. In most instances your current employer will co-operate with your request. On those rare occasions when they can't accept it with good grace, you'll be out of there soon enough.

Thank them for the opportunity and emphasis your desire for a smooth and positive transition including the training of your replacement.

  1. DO behave professionally

noun 11064 PBRegardless of why you’re leaving it is so important to be professional during your notice period.

Whether you like it or not you are still employed by the company and they are still paying you to do a job. The likelihood is that you’ll also need to call on your line manager for a reference so if you leave on bad terms that really won’t help your cause.

GeneralAdPlus you never know when your paths may cross again so you don’t want to cost your new company business because you left on a negative note.

If you’re looking for the perfect opportunity we can help. We are actively recruiting across our 10 specialisms in aerospace, defence, energy and infrastructure so register your details with us today.

For additional advice and guidance on landing your new role visit our Candidate Toolkit.





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