Submarine Engineering Designer - Mechanical

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Submarine Design Engineer - Mechanical


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Our client is a leading independent centre of engineering design, design support and technical services within the defence sector. Working from initial concept to in-service design and technology management, they have built a highly regarded reputation. They provide innovative ideas, excellent technical expertise and ability to tackle the most complex design and systems issues.

The client had a need for individuals with a high level submarine technical expertise, professionalism to clients and partners, and the ability to develop new business and contribute to the organisation’s internal R&D work on future submarine design.

Far from the day to day requirement: a background in submarines is specialist even by our focussed standards. However, undaunted, our Mechanical team set to work tracking down the right people for the job. Using tailored ‘watchdog’ keyword searches and refined searches on LinkedIn, we found a short list of candidates with the required skills and background. 

Of the six candidates we submitted to our client one candidate was offered a position but sadly declined, one candidate declined at the interview stage, but three candidates were offered positions and were placed. The client, delighted with our results, has subsequently as asked us to continue our search for additional candidates in this niche field.





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