The Art of the Thank You Note

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The Art of the Thank You Note

 28th Sep 2015


An increasingly common practise in the UK, but one long established in the wider world, is that of sending a thank you note following an interview.

GeneralAdThe vast majority of candidates won’t send a note and we suspect it’s because they don’t want to be too pushy. We British have made a national pastime out of worrying ourselves into inactivity. Set yourself apart from everyone else and craft a note that not only thanks the interviewer for their time but impresses as well.

Just remember:

  • Be sincere, it’ll serve you in greater stead than sycophancy.
  • Send the note within 24 hours of the interview.
  • Send the note even if you think the interview didn’t go well, it’ll help.
  • If you choose to post your note, instead of email, make sure you use a recorded service.

Follow this simple guide to crafting your thank you note:

  1. Thank them for their time

Include the social pleasantries and, if you can, highlight a particularly good conversation or part of the interview where you felt you and the person/people clicked.

  1. You’re the right person for the job

Use the context of the interview and specific questions asked to reiterate how your skills and experience make you the perfect fit for the job.

Remember, be honest and sincere. This would be the absolute worst time to start laying things on a bit thick or to exaggerate your experience.

  1. Don’t be afraid to expand on your answers

How many times have you been heading home after an interview and you remember something you should have said? Some key piece of experience that would have bagged the role for you there and then? We’ve all been there.

The thank you note is the ideal opportunity to correct that mistake. Or, more seriously, if you feel there was a misconception, now is the time to set the record straight.

  1. Follow up

Assuming you’ve asked when they intend on making a decision by (top-tip: always ask this at the end of an interview) make sure you include a line saying that you’ll get in touch with the recruiter at that time.

This demonstrates your interest for the role, your determination and gives you the greenlight to chase without being a nuisance.

Below is a loose guide on how to structure your note:

Dear [insert name]

Thank you for taking the time to interview me on [insert day] for the role of [insert job title]. I really enjoyed meeting you and learning more about you and [insert name of business].

[Insert interview anecdote]

Having discovered more about the role and organisation I am convinced that my skills in [insert skills] are perfect to support you with the challenges you outlined, such as [insert challenges/business objectives].

My experience in [insert additional experience] would be an advantage in working towards those objectives. I hope it’s something we can discuss further in the near future.


[insert name]

GeneralAdRemember this is just a boiler plate example so make sure to customise your note to the people, the role, the level of seniority that role comes with and your personality and voice.

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