Tackling the IP/Data centre Demand - Dec 2012

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Tackling the IP/Data centre Demand - Dec 2012

 6th Dec 2012

As an independent and neutral recruitment business Electus is able to field truly impartial Audit teams to the Data Centre domain offering  a premium service to conduct objective data centre Audits, Asset Tracking and equipment Surveys.  We do so on behalf of our clients who often hold equipment installed at multiple sites across the UK.

With many co-locations active in the UK it is often the case that large clients will see their vital equipment hosted in racks/housings at multiple sites.  Here periodic audit and assessments can be required to assess utilisation of specific equipment, power supplies and associated domain influences that can affect a remotely placed asset.

Here Electus can field a specialist engineer, often with appropriate SC/DV clearances (as required) to enter such domains and carry our audits and survey assessments.  Here Electus are able to offer a service, on a ‘as needed basis’ which eases demand on our data Com/IP clients to have to hold such skills on their payroll full time. Electus can conduct the audit and assesses the operation at the data centre, and give due regard to ancillary services, IP/IT systems, and services provided at a specific site.





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