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The quality and contentment of our contractor and associate base is the bedrock of our contractor services. Our aim is to establish long term working relationships with professional technical contractors and consultants.

Electus work with a growing number of key players in the technical marketplace and enjoy preferred supplier status with FTSE 100 companies, global organisations, engineering & technical consultancies and SMEs across the UK and Europe. We also have a number of framework agreements with organisations across the defence, aerospace and engineering sectors.

We currently have a range of Manpower Substitution, fixed & firm price work packages available.

Please contact us to discuss your capability and our current contract requirements.

Working with Electus we provide a professional support structure to you that includes access to professional advice on contractor issues as well as a wide spectrum of opportunities. Electus is a financially stable operation, we run a weekly and monthly pay run and aim to settle correct invoices within 10 working days. Each contractor is assigned a named point of contact to handle day to day issues and can access Senior Management if a commercial decision is required.

Contractor Care

  • Regular Contact ­ build understanding and sound working relationships
  • Weekly or Monthly payment via BACS
  • IR35 friendly contracts for services

New to Contract?

  • Limited Company / Umbrella / LLC ­ advice and guidance
  • Hand holding through your first contract
  • Legal and Financial advice through independent partners

Umbrella Company

If you are a first time contractor or do not want the responsibility of running your own Limited company we would suggest an umbrella company. A umbrella company is a company in its own right and takes care of the administrative and tax issues.

Once we have secured you a contract and decided whether you want to become a limited or Umbrella contractor, we will endeavour to issue you an "IR-35 friendly contract” that is easy to understand and that includes all the information that you require.

For more information please contact us on 01202296566