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In the drive for greater efficiency, successful companies are becoming more sophisticated in their use of human capital. Working in partnership with our clients, Electus are at the forefront of supporting the increasingly flexible needs of the technical sector.

Through the application of dedicated professional recruiters backed up by innovative knowledge pooling technology, Electus supply targeted cost effective professional and technical resource just when you need it.

Our model allows for the provision of individuals or teams on an hourly, daily, staged or fixed price format as appropriate. 

Our extensive network of contacts and continuously updated talent pool of available contractors ensures that we are able to meet your contract staff requirements, supplying highly qualified people across a broad spectrum of skill sets. Further by plugging in to our broader network of associate specialist consultancies, Electus can provide blended teams to resolve your most complex resource requirements.

Benefits of Contract Resource

Controlled Costs

  • Set rates / durations project costs are known upfront allowing better planning.
  • Consolidated invoicing - reduced back office expense
  • Pay Roll option - streamline your existing contractors, aid cash-flow.
  • No employment costs ie employers NI, holiday, sickness pay, pension costs etc.

Skilled Resource

  • Hit the ground running - minimum induction / ramp up time required.
  • Lean Expertise - You pay for the skills you need when you need them
  • Skills Transfer - Your staff develop and learn from skilled professionals.
  • Best Practice - Allow you to evaluate and exploit best practice or leading methods more quickly.

Quality of Service

  • Short lead time - Resource can be on site within 24 hrs.
  • Dependable - Referenced resource who deliver.
  • Stability - We are a financially secure business.
  • Interaction - We will work with you to ensure the integrity of our service.
  • Independent Surveys - Consistently confirm us as supplier of choice





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