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Our commitment to delivering you the best possible service extends to far more than representing you during your search for a new opportunity. We want to make the process as simple and as stress free as possible. As such as we've made available a number of free to download templates to use including a template to up date your CV and a number of resignation letters depending on your circumstances.

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This is our standard CV template that we with our clients. Using this document means you'll be submitting your CV to us alreayd in a format that meets the expectations of potential employers.



You are required to submit your resignation in writing, even if you have resigned verbally. This standard letter will meet that requirement.


If you don't feel you can or should provide an explanation to your employer for your resignation, this the Formal template will provide you with the minimum requirement for a resigning.


If you had a good experience working for your present employer and line manager you may want to provide a little more information as to why you're leaving with a detailed letter.


If you're new employer requires you to start sooner than your notice period allows it may be necessary to request a shortened notice period than agreed to in your contract.