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Is January really the best month for job searching?

Is January really the best month for job searching?

over 3 years ago by Elizabeth Deans


A new year sees us make New Year's Resolutions and apparantly getting a new job is rated as the 4th most popular thing to do on people's lists. At Electus, January does see a surge in applications. People want to feel like they achiveing one of their goals for the year and uploading a CV is a good starting point for sure. Here's a few reasons why January certainly is a great time to secure your dream job but it shouldn't be the only time to do so.

Employers are looking for you

January is generally a strong quarter for hiring staff as budgets need to be allocated before the financial year end. This ‘peak’ hiring season is a time when people are unlikely to be off on holiday, having had time off over Christmas, so the majority of people in the office are those who can make decisions on new recruits.

Everyone is more optimistic

January 1st is known for bringing a wave of optimism to people, in both their personal and professional lives. Things that might have seemed challenging and tedious in the run up to Christmas now seem easier to tackle. People have had time off during the holiday break and come back to work with a new outlook. This is good for two reasons: jobseekers will greet the challenge by taking action and for employers, it means they have more confidence about making necessary business decisions. There might also be new projects to start which menas a need for a larger or more specialised workforce.


January shouldn't be the only month you think about applying for your dream job. Remember lots of other people have the same mindset around this time of year, which makes the interview process more of a challenge as there is bigger competition.

Is there ever a bad time to look?

In our opionion, no. There's never a bad time to look for a new job, it's all about how well prepared you are and how you can make yourself stand out if you choose to look for a job in a time of high competition. Have you researched the company? Have you thought about what you can provide to that company that others can't? Are you flexible? Have you had the right experience? Is your CV up to date? Is your Linked In profile current and put to full use? All of these things are cruicial to think about whatever the time of year. We'd even go as far as saying that December can be a good month for job seekers as most people are preoccupied with Christmas!

Whatever time of year you decide to start your job search, dont put it off! Jobs will not come to you, go out there and find them - that's unless one of our Consultants head hunt you because of your outstanding profile on Linked In! Always be prepared.