Referral Scheme

Electus Recruitment believes that job seekers who help other candidates to move forward in their career using our services should be rewarded. After all, word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing especially within the recruitment field. So as a way of saying thank you, we offer a one-off referral payment to any candidate who helps us to successfully place another candidate within a new role.

Here is a breakdown of the payments within the Electus Recruitment Candidate Introduction Scheme:

The following Terms and Conditions apply. If these are not met in full it may impact on the referral fee being made:

  • The ‘Referral Candidate’ must be registered with Electus Recruitment Solutions.

  • The ‘Referred Candidate’ must not already be registered with us (or we have not had contact with the candidate for 2 years).

  • The ‘Referral Candidate’ must register the ‘Referred Candidate’ by sending an email with their contact details and job title to:

  • Electus Recruitment confirms in writing, acceptance of the ‘Referred Candidate’ onto the scheme.

  • Where the same ‘Referred Candidate’ is introduced by more than one person, only the first application received will qualify for the fee.

  • Electus Recruitment will have successfully placed the ‘Referred Candidate’ in a new role within six months of the date of the application.

  • Once placed, the ‘Referred Candidate’ must continue in the employment for a minimum period of 12 weeks, after which the fee will be paid.

  • For contract employment, the ‘Referred Candidate’ must continue in the employment for a minimum period of two consecutive months, after which the fee will be paid.

  • If the ‘Referral Candidate’ operates a Limited Company, fee payments will be made to the Limited Company, for which a company invoice is required.

  • In the event of a disputed fee, the Electus Recruitment’s decision shall be final.

  • We retain the right to change the conditions of or cancel the scheme without written notice.  

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