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Annual Customer Survey 2011

Annual Customer Survey 2011

over 10 years ago by Elizabeth Deans


Electus is committed to continually improving its service. We conduct an annual customer survey to help us identify areas for improvement and to receive feedback from our customers. This year’s results proved once again that Electus reputation for service and delivery is well deserved

Key Findings 2011

53.3% of clients said the overall service provided by Electus was above expectations. 

46.7% said Electus was outstanding.

93.3% of clients said Electus was their recruiter of choice.

86.7% of clients surveyed would recommend our services to an associate, co-worker or another organisation to help with their recruitment activity. The other 13.3% of clients do not recommend to anyone.

93% of clients felt that our candidate assessment skills were above expectations or exceeded expectations.

100% of clients surveyed said Electus exceeded expectations in terms of responding to their vacancies.

66.7% said Electus met or was above expectations when preparing candidates for interviews. Whilst the remaining 33.3% said Electus was Outstanding.

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