Post summer blues to benefit employment sector

Post summer blues to benefit employment sector

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It's a fact, the post summer blues are rejuvenating the historical lull seen in the employment sector throughout the months of July and August. As employees return to work after their seasonal break it seems they are finding it increasingly difficult to get back into a workflow. Nearly 72% of people returning from a bout of R&R admit to taking 2-3 days to re-adjust in the workplace, noting that morale in the office is at a significant low.

A huge 86.9% of employees believe it is their employer's responsibility to rise to the challenge of boosting morale in a stale environment but a majority of those asked do not believe their employer does enough.

As Lee Biggins explained:

“It’s clear that the post-summer blues can get Brits down, with many struggling to readjust to the working day. Implementing a robust process which helps to ease people back into work post-holiday is extremely important. Our research tells us that employees feel much better if they have an update meeting on return, followed by time to catch up on emails and projects, as well as speaking with team members and having enough time to create a priority list. Ensuring you accommodate these needs can help workers feel more positive about their return to work after a summer break and may prevent employees looking for work elsewhere.”

At Electus we believe in our employees and their well being, it's obvious to us that a happy workforce is a productive one. Therefore we've come up with some simple examples of how to beat those holiday blues and motivate staff before they make the decision to seek employment elsewhere:

  • Ask employees to create a list of priorities and discuss these together based on what is actually achievable
  • Be realistic! Don't set deadlines for the first day back
  • Get a fruit bowl and fill it! Give your employees a boost of Vitamin C to help shake off that sluggish post holiday feeling
  • Ensure employees take their lunch break to recharge their batteries for a more productive afternoon
  • Think about offering holiday entitlement increments based on length of service or perhaps sabbatical initiatives, if feasible

Of course, if all else fails then Electus Recruitment will be on hand to offer a specialist service to clients and candidates alike looking to fulfil or seek a new role.

Source: Recruitment Buzz