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Armed Forces Day 2017

Armed Forces Day 2017

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At Electus Recruitment we are proud to employee three ex-forces personnel. In honour of Armed Forces Day 2017, we thought we'd share some insight into life in the forces as experienced by Alex Ronald, Natasha Rowley and Marc Temple.

1. What role did you have in the Armed Forces and for how long did you serve?

Alex: I joined the Royal Signals at 18 in 1989 within Communication, Training at Catterick N.York and then my first posting was to 206 Signal SQN in Germany.

Tasha: I was a Leading Communications and Information Systems Specialist in the Navy and served for 7 years.

Marc: I was in 47 Regt RA (Air Defence). My role was to provide secure communications between detachments on the ground, to ensure the safety of key military assets were protected.

2. What was your inspiration or reason for joining?

Alex: My grandfather was in the Navy in WWII serving on the Zulu. Zulu was sunk by Italian Macchi C.200 Saetta fighter bombers on 14 September 1942. This was a big drive for me in joining the force, although I think my Grandfather expected me to join the Navy.

Tasha: I wanted to travel the world and have a good career at an early age. 

Marc: To better myself and travel with the army.

3. Can you tell us about any particular highlights?

Alex: So many great times but strangely my best time was 9 months in the Falklands on a mountain site supporting communication over the island and skiing inside the arctic circle in Norway.

Tasha: Meeting my husband and visiting many countries and experiencing different cultures. 

Marc: I used to really enjoy the fitness side of things. We were pushed quite hard to pass fitness tests to ensure we had the correct level for military standards.

4. Are you still in touch with any of your ex-colleagues, if so who and what relationship did you have with them?

Alex: Yes, my first serving unit still meet up every year. Amazing guys and girls!

Tasha: Yes, my husband Gareth, we met in the Navy and have been married for 6 months and have a beautiful 4 month old boy together. He is still serving as a Mine Clearance Diver. 

Marc: I speak to a couple of ex-colleagues who I have a good relationship with. We travel around the UK throughout the year, entering into poker tournaments!

5. What made you most proud about serving our country?

Alex: To serve the Queen and country was enough for me. It is a rollercoaster ride with good times and bad times but the bonds you have with the people you serve with will last a lifetime.

Tasha: Knowing the work the Armed Forces do is to safeguard and protect our country.

Marc: Knowing that I was part of a highly trained team that could be asked to protect our country and help other countries in their time of need.

6. Why did you decide to leave?

Tasha:  I wanted to take control of my own life and was thinking about starting a family which I didn't want to do in the Navy.

Marc: Various reasons but mainly there was a down turn in the need for our expertise so I decided to seek new challenges.

7. How did you get into recruitment after leaving the forces?

Alex: I enjoyed the recruitment side of the forces and was very interested to engineering so my current role was a good match for my career.

Tasha: I went to an induction day for a IT recruitment company that employed Ex Forces and applied for their recruitment role and luckily got the role. 

Marc: After I left, I slipped in to the nuclear industry and spent the next ten years decommissioning nuclear buildings across the UK. I wanted to use my knowledge and motivation to help others find roles which they would enjoy and help clients find highly skilled candidates to join their team.

8. What do you do now and how does it compare with your time in the forces?

Alex: As a Principal Talent Consultant I'm now very office based but I still help ex-forces personnel exiting the forces get new positions in the civilian world.

Tasha: Talent Delivery Resourcer for Electus Recruitment. It's a completely different job and environment, but equally rewarding.

Marc: I am now a Talent Delivery Consultant specialising in electronic/electrical/hardware engineering. The comparisons are slightly similar to my role in the Army because I used to be responsible for fitting communication in military vehicles and helping to maintain the equipment through their life cycle. Also, from my career in the nuclear industry, I can transfer my skills to find suitable candidates for highly technical roles.

9. Can you sum up your time spent in the forces in 3 words?

Alex: Completely life changing

Tasha: Life changing experience

Marc: Exciting, adventurous, demanding.