4 Out of 5 Midlands Businesses Are facing Skills Shortages

4 Out of 5 Midlands Businesses Are facing Skills Shortages

12 Jul 08:00 by Andrew Little (FIRP)


Almost four out of five Midlands businesses are facing skill shortages ranging from minor to severe, according to early results 

The biggest skills gap the region’s businesses face is in recruiting qualified technical staff and NVQ level five or graduates, the research has shown.

Interim results for Insider’s Midlands Skills Gaps Survey, run by the Knowledge Exchange & Enterprise Network (KEEN), show that 40 percent of respondents felt they had a severe skills shortage, with a similar number saying the scarcity was moderate.

The biggest single area in which there was a dearth of talent was in technical skills, cited by more than a third of respondents, followed by management shortages. Half said the shortage was most acute at the graduate level. These shortages manifest themselves in reduced sales – cited by 35 per cent of respondents and lower morale, reported by a fifth.