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Remembrance Sunday and Life After The Forces

Remembrance Sunday and Life After The Forces

over 4 years ago by Elizabeth Deans


At Electus Recruitment we are proud to both employ and help recruit ex-forces personnel in a range of positions. On this day we will never forget those who fought for our freedom and paid the ultimate price. Alex Ronald gives us his thoughts on Remembrance Sunday and life after being in the forces.


1. What role did you have in the forces and what do you do today?


I worked in the Royal Signals in communication and now I'm a Principal Talent Delivery Consultant specialising in technical and engineering recruitment.


2. Having been in the forces yourself, what does Remembrance Sunday mean to you?

It's a really important time to remember all who served and have sacrificed so much for the freedom we enjoy.


3. Do you do anything special for the Poppy Appeal each year?

I join my local British Legion for church service in Christchurch, Dorset and meet up with ex-service personnel


4. Leaving the forces can be a daunting prospect, what advice would you give to others embarking on this new journey?

Do your research on required qualifications needed for roles you wish to apply for, there might be some refresher courses you need to go on and have a clear goal. Social media platforms such as Linked In and Facebook are great for making connections outside of the forces. At Electus, we also provide guidance to prepare you for interview and tips for refining your CV.


5. What are the biggest challenges that ex-forces face when looking for a new career and why?

Mainly the transition from a very structured environment with clear reporting lines to a more fluid environment. It can be a challenging prospect but many sectors follow the same forces model and there are many MOD and defence related position available.


6. What types of jobs/companies take on ex-forces personnel?

Key areas like the MOD, security, communication, engineering and logistics companies all employ ex-forces personnell. Candidates who have been military trained can transition into most industry sectors quite competently.


7. How many ex-forces personnel would you say Electus helps to find work for each year?

As a recruitment agency we focus heavily on the defence, electronics, aerospace and automotive sectors and we have a high placement level with ex-forces at all ranks.


8. How does life compare in an office to your time in the forces?

I find similar challenges within the technical sector but I do miss the close ties you make in the forces, there's nothing quite like it.


9. If you had your time again would you choose to have led the career path you have, if so why?

Yes, I loved my time in the Royal Signals and would recommend it to anyone looking for a career in the forces. I am still in contact with all who I served with and we meet up every year. Having also found a career outside of the forces which I equally enjoy means I have experienced the best of both worlds.


10. What 3 words best describe your time in the forces?

Best mates ever.