Infrastructure Engineering Jobs


As a specialist agency in Infrastructure recruitment, Electus has a solid reputation in filling Infrastructure Engineer jobs. We have built relationships with high profile clients since 2003 across the transport, energy, and ICT markets. Electus Recruitment has recruited for some of the largest construction sites across the UK for leading infrastructure companies and have a proven track record in seeking out talented, highly skilled engineers within this sector of engineering.​

Our recruitment assignments can be split into three areas:

- Transport Infrastructure,

- Energy Infrastructure 

- Communications Infrastructure.

Some of our most recent assignments include:

Transport infrastructure:

Road and Highway Networks including structures (bridges, tunnels, culverts, retaining walls, electrical systems, street lighting and traffic lights), Mass Transit Systems, Railways including structures and terminal facilities (rail yards, railway stations), Level Crossings including signalling and communications systems, Airports including air navigational systems.

Energy infrastructure:

Electrical Power Network including generation plants, electrical grid, substations and local distribution, Natural Gas Pipelines, Storage and Distribution Terminals, Petroleum Pipelines including associated storage and distribution terminals, Specialised Coal Handling Facilities for washing, storing and transporting coal, Combined Heat & Power Plants, Energy from Waste Plants, Solid Waste Incinerators, Plasma Gasification Facilities , Renewable Energy Projects  ( Wind , Solar, Tidal)

Communications infrastructure:

Telephone Networks, Mobile Phone Networks, Communications Satellites, Undersea Cables, ICT, Networks & Communications, Cloud Computing, Datacentre, Cyber Security and Information Assurance.

More recently we have been supporting a number of clients involved in the role out of the £5bn UK Gigabit Programme.